For Greater

Hey y’all,

Following my recent announcement, I want people to understand how I am feeling.  I am a very spiritual person.    I enjoy going to church and singing in the choir but my inner self and relationship with God are very important to me.  So let me tell you all how I am really feeling.

The other day, I was talking with close friends about my diagnosis and my life.  I feel, like most people, I have been through some trials and tribulations.  I’ve had some heartaches and pains.  But, you know what?  I am optimistic and confident because of my faith in God.

Whether you believe in God, the universe, whoever, please understand that I am confident that the journey I am going through with having cancer is God setting me up for greater!  I have worked hard over the years, have had triumphs and trials, and I know that through it all, my life is for greater. My story is for understanding and encouragement.  No, I don’t always do things right but everything I have been through and will go through is a lesson and blessing for greater.  I have goals and tasks to complete, a life to live, and  my journey is going to make it all worth telling.

My journey is just starting and I don’t know fully what’s in store but I feel good knowing that I have God and He has provided me with the support system I have.

In the words of a song I hold dear to my heart and used to lead in the choir, “Trouble in my way, I have to cry sometimes.  So much trouble, trouble in my way.  I lay awake at night but that’s alright.  I know that my Jesus will fix it, after while.”

Twizzlers and Truths,



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