Hit the Road Jack!

Hey y’all,

So I got wrapped up in the DNC last night and didn’t make my post, lol.  But it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, sun [was] shining, and I still have great news to share with you all. But first, let me tell you all about my summer in a short paragraph.

I am a planner and had a lot of plans for this summer.  I was supposed to work with Duke TIP on Duke’s campus and then my summer would close out with a weeklong trip to New Mexico with TFA’s Rural School Leadership Academy (would have been this week actually).  Well, let me give you a run-on sentence of what actually happened:

Doctor’s appointments, having to cancel my work with Duke TIP, trip to NOLA, tests and scans, more doctor’s appointments, waiting for results, canceling a RSLA trip to New Mexico and RSLA participation, mastectomy and immediate reconstruction, JP drains (ugh), narcotics for pain, nausea and constipation, healing, friends visiting and bringing gifts, and getting results back as of yesterday.  A lot, right?  Missed out on extra paychecks and experience.  But it all worked out.  What was meant to happen, happened and I have had the time I need to relax, take care of myself for once, and heal.  Well, let me tell you about the further blessings He has given me!

Yesterday, I had two appointments.  One to check in with my plastic surgeon staff and one with my surgical oncologist to get my pathology results. First appointment was some type of interesting, y’all. After my surgery, I had JP drains (tubes inserted that help drain bodily fluids from operation site and out into a container you empty – feel free to Google) inserted into my left and right side and my appointment yesterday was where I was able to get them out.

Random: I found a Meowth on Pokemon Go in the parking lot right before my appointment. No, I did not leave the car until I caught it. Lol.

To begin this process, the nurse took off all of the surgical tape on my chest.  Y’all. That was painful.  The nurse mentioned that often patients thank her for the free wax.  That’s what it felt like.  Anyway, after that came removal of the drains.  She told me to breathe deeply 3 times, next thing I know, she pulled the left drain out of my side.  Same thing for the right side.  And it didn’t hurt.  Thank you Lord.  From that moment, she had a painless time in removing my sutures with the help of another nurse.  All good in the hood.

Later that afternoon, I had my second appointment.  The one I was unsure about because this is where I would learn my staging and if my cancer had spread.  To make a long story short, a doctor (not my usual surgeon, an attending or etc) came in and she had my results in hand.  And guess what, y’all? After my surgery, there was no cancer leftover in my remaining breast tissue/skin and my lymph nodes were officially designated as not involved.  You may ask what this means?  Well, it means that the cancer has not spread and was mostly removed as far as we know .

I was beyond ecstatic to hear this news and read through my reports.  My surgical oncologist came in a few minutes later and answered all of my questions and further explained my reports.  My breast cancer is staged at 2A.

Stuffed Frogger from Pelican’s

So now that I have all of these results back, I’ll meet with my medical oncologist (chemo/systemic therapy doctor) to figure out what my plan will be to get whatever cancer cells might be leftover and to make sure it doesn’t come back.

Lastly, to add to this great news, after my appointments I got to hang out with two of my best friends and get Pelican’s. I must say, I had a great start to my week. I’m very blessed and thankful.  This chapter isn’t over yet, but I feel even greater about it.  It’s time for cancer to “Hit the road, Jack!”

Praying for y’all, please continue to pray for me.

Twizzlers and truths,


PS. For my folks I didn’t get to see today, 😦 I was literally in the area for 2 hours to clean out my apartment and quickly get back to Chapel Hill.  Made a very quick pit stop at WHS πŸ™‚ I’ll make sure to see folks when I’m back!!

PPS. Check out this great song that came up on my FB flashback post from a year ago. Love this song. Music is and has always been very healing for me. I’ve often dreamed of just developing scores and soundtracks for films.  4 Non Blondes – What’s Up


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