Jet Skis, Birthdays, & Hot Flashes, Oh my!

So, everybody knows Alicia Keys’ song Girl on Fire, yes? Yes. So when I tell y’all the struggle, maybe the song will take on a different meaning. I woke up in the middle of the night this weekend to a lovely side effect of my medical treatment for my cancer, menopause, and specifically a hot flash. Now granted, I woke up and had the hot flash because folks in the house were being loud and my poor body was scressed Jesus. I’m going to leave it at being thankful for a chilled water bottle, “this too shall pass,” and a friend that can fuss while I’m not feeling able to do so the way I wanted. Along with my hot flash, I got a bit of panic attack-esque symptoms so that was definitely a scary feeling.  I realize you all may be wondering why I’m having hot flashes at age 24.66 (yeah, I’ll be 25 in a few months 😂). So let me give y’all the back story real quick.

Pretty much, cancers can grow based on different factors.  Mine specifically feeds on estrogen and progesterone. To stop my cancer from growing, it’s necessary for my doctors to shut Ovesha and Oleandra, my ovaries, down so they stop producing those hormones for the time being.  And since those aren’t working, I get to experience menopause while I receive treatment.  It’s lit.

Thankfully, that little event didn’t last long and I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend at Carolina Beach.  I was able to ride a jet ski for the first time, lay out at the beach, and get a little bit of a tan all while hanging with some of my closest friends.  Additionally, Sunday, I drove up to the 252 so I could celebrate my Grandma Best’s 90th birthday with family and that was awesome.  I admire my grandmothers (both are 90 years old) and see so much beauty in their lives and histories.  It has always been a life goal for me to be a cool, old grandma one day with stories on stories to tell my grandkids.  Overall, this was an amazing weekend with friends and family and I was so glad I could help celebrate my Grandma Best.


Beyond that, I am happy to announce that I have more of an idea of what my treatment will be like in the coming months.  It has taken a lot of unease away and given me an idea of what to prepare for in the coming months.  I start chemotherapy next Monday and yes, my hair is going to to say sayonara in a few weeks.  I know that I can’t prepare for that and that will be a whole other thing to get through.  I’ve been in the process of locking my hair since March and I’m kind of bummed to end that but I know hair grows back.  I also miss my fro so you all know that either way it’s about to be all the way poppin’. Peep my starter locs below (click on pics for caption). Expect pictures as I change my hair, lol. 


I’m still pretty positive about all of this and in terms of work, hopefully I can get back soon. I am hopeful that working will help me recover more quickly.  Of course, I’ll have to do things in moderation and watch myself.   I am interested to see how the school year will go.  I do know that there will be Clorox Wipes, hand sanitizer, and ice water on deck in my classroom.

Plenty more I could say but I’ll leave that for next time.

Twizzlers and truths,



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