Chemo Day One

*Short blog post alert*

Hey y’all. I went through my first infusion of chemotherapy today. First appointment at 7:30am. Y’all, the receptionists don’t even  get in until 8, lol. Had my blood work done and I have to stay reminded to drink lots of water the night before and morning of chemo so my blood vessels will be “nice and delicious,” in the words of my chemo nurse 😂.

After blood work, I got to see my oncologist and signed up for an exercise study. Received a free fitbit in the process (shout out to research hospitals). Moved from the hematology clinic to the infusion center and it is niiiiiiice. I’m on my grandma status so I watched Murder, She Wrote while reclined back under a nice, warm blanket. Got hooked up to my IV, a nice chemo cocktail of taxotere and cyclophosphamide, and was done around 1.

Didn’t have any immediate reactions but I am on so many prescriptions , lawd. I probably won’t feel side effects until later today and the next few days. Also found out I’m slightly anemic today. Iron and Vitamin C tablets officially on deck (Walgreens has BOGO Free special for supplements, btw).  All good. Immune system has to stay on alert. Don’t bring your germs round me, true playa for real, that’s my deal for real.

I’m jumping around a bit but last but not least, shout out to my UNC team. I happily give and get hugs from my nurses and doctors. They are the bomb. Even for my team who aren’t attending to me some days, we see each other and have to say “hey, girl, heyyyyy.”

With all that, I’m blessed y’all. I’m taking it easy. I am really thankful for y’all. Y’all have messaged me and called, texted, slid a few gift cards and get well cards. Shared your experiences and words of faith. It means a lot. With my support system, the next few months of treatment are looking up. Y’all be breezy. Oh, and enjoy these photos of me and ma from today.

Twizzlers and truths,





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  1. Deloris Debro Harrison says:

    I am happy that you are doing better. We all miss you in the choir. May God bless you, and always keep the faith that he will.
    Love, Deloris Debro Harrison


    1. Thanks Ms. Harrison!! I miss yall, too. Still singing and can’t wait to see you all! Love you too!


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