Koolaid: An Ode to Food

I love food

It tastes good

It brings comfort when I’m in a bad mood

The same can be said when I’m in a good one, too

But one day I felt like a fool

Made Koolaid and couldn’t tell if it was good

Chemotherapy made my tastebuds real rude

It’s true, chemo can affect your tastebuds

Not so in love with foods you once loved

Waiting for the day they get some act right

Enjoy the few days of my strong, accurate appetite

Before it’s time to start another round

Of Chemo that take its hold over my body

And water tastes metallic

Because not being able to enjoy your food after chemo is just a tad bit tragic.


Hey y’all, lol.

I love food and I hate how chemo changes of my taste and smell chemistry.  With my last round, it didn’t go away until the 3rd week.  Now that I’ve had my second round of chemo, I’m noticing the changes again.  Had my favorite soup from a restaurant and it just wasn’t the same.  We’ll see how long the changes last this time.

In terms of other side effects, hot flashes truly suck.  It’s hard for me to sleep at times but my stepmom Sharon put me on to essential oils that help me get a better night’s sleep.  I also have really bad bone aches and pains from my Neulasta shot (helps keep my white blood cells up so I don’t get sick) but I take Claritin to help ease that.  Let’s just say I really feel like a grandma now, lol.  I walk a little slower and stiffer at times and I definitely nap more than ever before.  But it’s all good.

I can’t say I’m overly excited for these next two rounds of chemo.  This past one was very painful.  I’ve never had problems with shots but these needles recently have been stuck in places I’m not used to and they hurt.  Even though I drank lots of water for my last round, my lab tech stated that my chemo does work on the veins and makes it hard for them to do blood work and IVs.  My lab tech had to stick me twice in my knuckle to do blood work.  Then my chemo nurse had to dig deep to get my IV.  That tore a sister up right there. For those who know about cancer care, you may wonder why I don’t  have a port.  My care team stated it’s likely not needed for me to get a port placed because I only have 2 rounds left.  Y’all, just pray for a sister and these needles.

Overall, I am good.  I feel my best during the last few days leading up to my chemo infusion.  I’m getting a lot of rest and taking it easy.  I feel like I’m getting a slight scratchy throat though, so I’m staying on top of that and preparing for the colder weather by going through my boxes of fall/winter clothes.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s all for now.  Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers! I’m continually blessed and thankful.

Twizzlers and truths,



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