I Like Warm Hugs


Hey y’all,

Christina here. Done with another semester of grad school and now have time to write as much as I like. I still have plenty to talk about and will include that in the next few posts. What I want to focus this time, however, is related to the picture. Yep, it’s a picture of Olaf. One of my favorite Disney characters from one of my favorite movies (saw it at least 4 times in theaters). As you can see, Olaf likes warm hugs. For the last few months, I have not quite liked hugs. About that…

Since being diagnosed with cancer, a lot of things have changed for me. A lot of things I used to take for granted. Let’s go through a toasty list:

  1. The feeling in my armpit. 
  2. Hair on my head. 
  3. Eyebrows. 
  4. The feeling of a warm hug. 
  5. Being able to be the young adult my heart wants to be. 

1. Let me explain. Ever since my surgery, I’ve been without feeling in my armpit. That may sound like it’s not a big deal but it is. When testing whether cancer has spread, surgical oncologists remove lymph nodes nearest to the original location of cancer. For me, that was my left armpit. Because doctors can’t just pinpoint and remove the lymph nodes, they remove a segment of fat that contains the lymph nodes. Thus, no full feeling or tickle me Elmo right thurr. 

2. Next and obviously, not having hair has been an experience. It’s all good and dandy but a sister does miss stunting  on em. But it’s coming back. 👀 just wait for it. 

3. See number 2 and remember my glow up. 

4. Now, the biggest thing I miss is the feeling of a warm hug. I’m not really a hugger type because I tend to be awkward but I enjoy them. Since my surgery, two reasons have come about where I don’t enjoy hugs as much. 1) I don’t quite have feeling after removing my girls and getting new ones. Which sucks. And 2) since my surgery, a lot of people don’t give me quite as strong of hugs as I know they could. Maybe they’re scared they’re going to hurt me or maybe they aren’t quite a hugger. Or maybe they are and I just can’t feel it, tragic. So let me clear up any confusion. 

You’re not going to hurt me by giving me a hug. Squeeze my arms tight so I know it’s with love. Don’t give me one of those church hugs. If you gonna hug me, hug me dang on it. Lol. I get more hugs from my dog Othello than I do from my people. I’d like to enjoy hugs again and not feel like people are scared to hug me. Let’s add some humanly hugs in there. 

4. Now, this right here. I’ll have to tell you about it in my next blog post. Being a young adult with cancer has been an experience. 

With all that being said, I’m still blessed and highly favored. Hope you are, too. Until next time, be great. 

Twizzlers and truths,


PS. I turn 25 in a few days. 😁


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