Free at Last

Hey y’all,

As of January 20th, I finished active treatment for breast cancer. Amen and Amen. I’m prayerfully done with chemotherapy and radiation for the rest of my life (I’ll explain more about that later). 

My last day of radiation on January 20th!

I cannot express how glad I am to be done with this chapter. I pushed through survival mode for 7 months and I’m ready to live, love, and grow. My skin is healing after weeks of radiation and I’m on my way to continuing the hopes and dreams of a woman full of Black Girl Magic. My hair is growing and my fro is on its way back.  A love lost has been replaced with friendships strengthened and renewed. I learned to celebrate myself. I loved on me. So what’s next? 

As I stated before, I’m prayerfully done with radiation and chemotherapy. Prayerfully, I don’t have to deal with cancer again. And yet, I know that for young adult women, breast cancer is a aggressive beast and has the chance at coming back. With that knowledge, I’m still optimistic on life. My cancer fed on estrogen and for the next 5-10 years, I’ll be taking endocrine therapy that greatly reduces reoccurrence. That involves a monthly shot and daily pills so I have my medicine organizer on deck lol. I’ve also reintroduced healthy eating, fitness, and meditation in my life. I’m shedding my chemo pounds. I’m getting back to what makes me happy. I’m excited to continue my journey of health. 

As for my blog, I’ll continue this. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll talk about but it will include survivorship.  I’m thinking my next few posts will be on dating and hair growth. 👀😊 I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey. 

Twizzlers and truths,



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